Monday, September 28, 2009

It's Fall Ya'll!

Here's a picture that I took this weekend of Lucky and Taco, in their rooster hats...and their not thrilled about it either :0) Their so much fun! Especially now that Taco's 98% potty trained...

We left Sabastopol four weeks ago with about 130 people in bible study. We've been in Jackson, MS with the Craft's ever since (, and having a great time! Saturday we had our first corporate effort in getting bible studies, with about 100 people in attendance. We got 146 bible studies!! The previous Thurday a small group went out and did surveys and had 28 people say they were interested in a home bible study...making a total of 174!! Today the "real" work has begun :0) scheduling the bible studies and then teaching them. However, I can't think of too many things more rewarding then helping someone find Jesus! Pray for the laborers.

I'm thrilled about cooler weather approaching. Autumn is one of my favorite seasons! Last year I completely missed Autumn, being in Arizona (Phoenix mainly) from August until December. Bring on the cider, pumpkin butter, mums, pumpkins, baking, leaves's all good!


The Wisener's said...

Well, how absolutely adorable!! Oh my cute!

Praize the Lord for all the Bible studies you have gained.

We love you and miss you!
The Wiseners

Amy Alex said...

HAHAHA! Love the rooster hats! I thought of you this morning when I felt the cool air. Makes me think of BNHT! Love and miss ya!

Livin' with the North in the South said...

It is so good to here from you guys again, we follow your blog so we know how you are doing. We miss you very much and are so glad to hear how God is moving in other places. May God Bless you for all that you guys do.We love ya!The dogs look so cute I need a hat like that for JJ and Oscar.
The Koehoorns